EcoSure BioBlast


EcoSure BioBlast™ is a new biodegradable polyester fiber made from 100% recycled PET packaging. What is PET? PET is Polyethylene Terephthalate, a plastic resin used to make bottles for soft drinks and other consumer products. BioBlast is the first tested and proven fiber to accelerate degradation in an oxygen-deficient environment. EcoSure BioBlast is made for consumers who want to wipe - and throw away - and feel good about their decision to do so.

EcoSure Recycled Fibers: Positive Impact on Landfills

In a consumer world where single-use wipes are much more prevalent than reusable wipes, EcoSure BioBlast addresses what happens after disposal and how well the item behaves in a landfill. It is not only made from recycled materials giving the bottle a second life but it also has enhanced biodegradation properties to prevent decades of landfill buildup. As big brands and private labels address a growing need to be more sustainable from a recycled AND bio-degradable perspective, BioBlast will positively impact the landfill option.

EcoSure Recycled Fibers: Rigorous Testing and Development

EcoSure BioBlast fibers have been under development for two years. In controlled laboratory, oxygen-deficient conditions, third-party testing proved that EcoSure BioBlast fibers biodegrade up to 12 times more over a year, compared to traditional polyester and petroleum-based fibers.

Additional one-year statistics from the testing concluded:

  • EcoSure BioBlast nonwovens had 72.5% biodegradation
  • Control polyester nonwoven 6.0% biodegradation
  • Control polyethylene sample had 5.2% biodegradation
  • Cellulosic (wood and paper) sample had 75.7% biodegradation

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