Poole Company Unveils Accelerated-Biodegradation Fiber for Disposable Wipe Market at World of Wipes
Poole company announced that it has developed a new biodegradable polyester fiber made from 100% recycled PET bottles that will completely shake up the household wipes market. more

Poole Company Hires Joseph McFadyn to Manage Recycled Fibers Division
Poole Company announced today that they have hired Joseph McFadyn as the new technical manager. more

Poole Company Now Manufacturing ComFortrel Co-Polymer Polyester Fiber
Poole Company is manufacturing a new engineered co-polymer polyester fiber marketed under the name ComFortrel by Poole. The fiber delivers exceptional comfort, dryness, and softness, while embracing cutting-edge chemistry and technology. more

Poole Company Introduces EcoSure® Recycled Fiber Full-Circle Program
With the EcoSure Full-Circle program, Poole Company will accept and recycle any item manufactured with its EcoSure fiber, repurposing the material again and extending its intended lifecycle. more

Poole Company Receives Certification Renewal from SCS for EcoSure® and EcoSure® Wellstrand
EcoSure PET fibers are made from recycled plastic beverage bottle with diverse end uses including shirts and socks, filling for sleeping bags and ski jackets, wipes and diapers, scrub pads, and sheets more

Poole Company and Fiber & Yarn Products to Participate in Outdoor Retailer Summer Market with EcoSur
EcoSure fibers are made from recycled plastic water bottles and can be paired with proprietary moisture management and friction reduction technology. more

Poole Company’s EcoSure® 100% Recycled Fiber is Selected as the Textile Source for Century Place
Corporate uniform company to use 100% certified post-consumer recycled PET polyester in the manufacturing of its knit golf shirts. more

Poole Company Manufactures and Distributes 100% PCR PET Fiber for Apparel Industry
SCS Certifies the EcoSure Polymer Fibers as Meeting the Highest Environmental Standards. Samples to be Distributed at Outdoor Retailer Conference. more

Poole Company is First to Develop Third-Party Certified 100% PCR PET Fiber Specifically for Wipes In
EcoSure Polymer Fibers Used in Wipes are SCS Certified and Meet the Highest Environmental Standards. Samples to be Distributed at WOW International Conference. more

Poole Company's EcoSure® & EcoSure® Wellstrand Fibers Receive SCS Certification
SCS Validates that EcoSure & EcoSure Wellstrand Fibers are Manufactured with 100% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) Polymer Meeting the Highest Environmental Standards more

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