The Poole Company offers a variety of EcoSure spinning fibers (textile fibers) -- polyester staple fibers that are made from 100% post consmer recycled PET fiber -- used for apparel and industrial fabric industries.  The EcoSure spinning fibers are used for:

  • Knit & woven apparel – wide range of deniers and copolymers for comfort and fashion, including our sustainable EcoSure recycled polymer products
    0.9 - 3 denier
  • Career apparel – variety of virgin and sustainable fiber choices for durability and value
    0.9 - 2.25 denier with 6.9 gpd tenacity (customized for OE, Ring, air jet)
  • Performance wear – special copolymer and  EcoSure post consumer fibers for modern performance fabrics
    1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.25 denier (designed for OE, ring, and air jet)

EcoSure: Performance from a Bottle

The Poole Company provides the textile industry with performance from a bottle.  Taking recycled PET bottles that would have otherwised clogged a landfill and producing EcoSure spinning fibers that can be made into apparel is performance from a bottle.

Spinning FibersVisit the environmental facts page to see how you can contribute to environmental challenges by purchasing textile fibers manufactured of 100% PCR PET fiber.  And, contact the Poole Company to learn more about  spinning fibers and virgin polyester textile fibers.


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