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Poole Company is SCS Certified for EcoSure Wellstrand and EcoSure2For more than 25 years, SCS Global Services has provided certification, auditing, and standards development services for a variety of industries with the goal "to recognize the highest levels of performance in food safety and quality, environmental protection and social responsibility in the private and public sectors, and to stimulate continuous improvement in sustainable development." SCS programs and standards have long been recognized for superior accuracy and completeness, especially in the green building industry.

Why trust SCS?

There are three things set SCS apart from other certifiers: First, SCS is completely independent. Because it has no vested interest in the companies or products it certifies, SCS can offer truly unbiased assessments. Second, all SCS assessments are based on scientific methods; if it can't be verified scientifically, it won't achieve certification. Third, SCS is comprehensive in its evaluations. Beyond environmental achievements, SCS requires stringent quality policies and procedures to ensure the highest level of performance.

The Value of SCS Certification

The result of these unique efforts and principles is a highly accurate certification system that industries can rely on for precise evaluations and assessments. Poole Company has undergone the Recycled Content assessment by SCS, and as a result, has achieved this highly recognized certification

Visit our recycled fibers page to learn more about SCS Certified EcoSure and EcoSure Wellstrand products or contact us for more information.

Poole Company is SCS Certified: EcoSure Wellstrand

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