Wellstrand Recycled Fibers

Poole Company Heavy DenierThe Poole Company's heavy denier and microdenier are marketed under the Wellstrand brand.  EcoSure Wellstrand products are produced from 100% recycled post-consumer PET containers.  Both EcoSure Wellstrand and EcoSure recycled fibers are certified by SCS Global Services as made from 100% PCR polymer.

The heavy denier and microdenier of the Wellstrand product increases loft and resilence with less fiber.  The Wellstrand line also endures a water-quench spinning process With a denier range of 25 - 500 and a cut length of 32mm - 135mm, Wellstrand is available in:

  • natural, optically brightened, and super white lusters
  • green, amber, and black

The product line includes:

  1. EcoSure Wellstrand, a 100% PCR PET content
  2. Wellstrand Recycle, a mix of PCR and post industrial
  3. Wellstrand Nylon, made from virgin and post industrial nylon content

EcoSure Wellstrand 

EcoSure Wellstrand is used in many industries and applications and is especially popular with manufacturers of:

Poole Company is SCS Certified for EcoSure Wellstrand

  • Floor scrub pads -- industrial and retail flooring
  • Hand scrub pads -- household and office cleaning  
  • Filtration products -- pond and air filtration  
  • Erosion control/civil engineering fabrics -- sand traps and soil erosion   
  • Furniture/mattress pads -- foam replacement and firmness control  
  • Roof ridge vent systems

Heavy Denier and Microdenier: Performance from a Bottle

The Poole Company is committed to helping preserve the environment. Visit our environmental facts page to learn more about The Poole Company's EcoSure staple products that are made from 100% PET polymer and to see industry recycling stats.  Consider EcoSure Wellstrand for your heavy denier and microdenier needs and help us provide performance from a bottle.

Contact us for more information on any of our recycled fibers including heavy denier, microdenier, and spinning fibers.

Poole Company is SCS Certified for EcoSure and Wellstrand EcoSure.

heavy denier and micro denier

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