Poole Company offers recycled fibers such as EcoSure Wellstrand heavy denier, that are manufactured with 100% PET fiber.

Poole Company sources EcoSure staple products that are produced from 3rd party certified 100% post-consumer PET bottles.  Poole Company cares about the environment, not because it is more profitable or is an easier process -- both statements are false -- or because it is trendy.  We care about the environment and uphold to the highest standards because it is the right, responsible thing to do.  We are committed to doing our part.

  • Conserve resources
  • Lower emissions of greenhouse gases and water pollutants
  • Provide valuable raw material to industries
  • Stimulate the development of more environmentally friendly technologies
  • Reduce the need for new landfills
  • Create jobs

Download the Napcor Guidance Document on Post Consumer Content for more information about what is claimed as recycled PET content. 

Environmental Stats

Poole Company Recycled Fibers Facts2012 Recycled Post-Consumer Recycle PET Bottles

  • 1.781 billion pounds of post-consumer bottles were collected for recycling and sold in the U.S.
  • 1.135 million pounds purchased by U.S. reclaimers
  • 547 million pounds purchased by export markets
  • U.S. reclaimers imported 114 million pounds from Canada, Mexico, Central & South America 

             *Source: NAPCOR 2012

The best post-consumer PET comes from bottle deposits.  Currently, only 11 states have PET bottle deposit laws. These eleven states recycle more beverage containers than the other 39 states combined. Every recycled PET bottle counts.  Did you know that eighty five 16 oz. PET bottles will produce the fill for a sleeping bag?  And that five 2-liter PET bottles will make:

  • 1 square foot of polyester carpet
  • an extra large tee shirt
  • filling for a ski jacket

These are just a few examples of how PET bottles, that would traditionally clog landfills for centuries, are being turned into quality products.

2012 Gross Recycling Rate*

  • Total U.S. Bottles Collected and Sold for Recycling = 1.781 billion pounds
  • Total U.S. Bottles Available for Recycling = 5.586 billion pounds
  • Gross Recycling Rate = 30.8%

             *Source: NAPCOR 2012

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Download our PET PCR Polymer and Environmental Facts Sheet and contact us today to learn more about the Poole Company's EcoSure recycled fibers.

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