Poole Company is First to Develop Third-Party Certified 100% PCR PET Fiber Specifically for Wipes Industry

EcoSure Polymer Fibers Used in Wipes are SCS Certified and Meet the Highest Environmental Standards. Samples to be Distributed at WOW International Conference.

Greenville, SC – June 21, 2010Poole Company – a leading manufacturer and distributor of recycled and virgin fiber products – unveils the first and only American Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certified staple fiber made from 100% PCR PET and developed specifically for the wipes industry. Sample wipes made from EcoSure® polymer will be distributed at World of Wipes International Conference in Chicago June 21-23, 2010.  EcoSure quality fibers are certified as manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polymer. This allows companies manufacturing, distributing, stocking, or selling household wet wipes to be SURE they are making a green, earth-friendly selection.
Made for the environmentally-conscious consumer, EcoSure quality fibers meet the highest environmental standards and reduce the amount of waste that burdens landfills and diminishes earth’s natural resources. Studies from NAPCOR determined that 1.451 billion pounds of PET (such as plastic soft drink bottles) were collected and sold for recycling in 2008, and the use of PCR polyester versus virgin polyester reduces energy consumption by 84% and greenhouse gas emissions by 71%.

SCS is a global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification. For more than 25 years, SCS has recognized organizations – such as Poole Company –  who meet the highest levels of environmental performance and social accountability in recycled content. 

About Poole Company

For over 35 years, Poole Company has been a leading global distributor of polyester, polypropylene, and rayon fiber.  The company designs, manufactures, and provides technical services for recycled and virgin fiber products across major markets with an emphasis on sustainability and value.  By specializing in recycled yarns, nonwoven fiber, textile fibers & yarnfiberfill, and heavy denier fiber, Poole Company provides high-quality products to domestic and international markets.

Poole Company is headquartered in Greenville, SC and has a 400,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution center in Johnsonville, SC.  In addition, the company has operations in India and China. 

For more information, contact Poole Company at (864) 271-9935 or visit www.poolecompany.com.

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