Poole Company Unveils Accelerated-Biodegradation Fiber for Disposable Wipe Market at World of Wipes International Conference 

Testing Simulates Landfill and Validates Decomposition Properties, Improving Wipe Degradation of “Throw Away” by an Order of Magnitude
Poole Company, a manufacturer of nonwoven and textile fibers, has developed a new biodegradable polyester fiber made from 100% recycled PET bottles that will completely shake up the household wipes market as the first tested and proven fiber to accelerate degradation in an oxygen-deficient environment.  As big brands and private labels address a growing need to be more sustainable from a recycled AND bio-degradable perspective, Poole Company specialists have developed the right fiber with the right properties that will positively impact the landfill option.
More Sustainable from a Recycled and Bio-Degradable Perspective
Poole’s new product, EcoSure® BioBlast™, is a polymer-based nonwoven fiber using the company’s EcoSure, 100% PCR PET fiber, yet specifically designed to help break down under anaerobic conditions.  This is significant in a consumer world where single-use wipes are much more prevalent than reusable wipes. EcoSure BioBlast, manufactured directly by Poole Company, addresses what happens after disposal and how well the item behaves in a landfill. It is not only made from recycled materials giving the bottle a second life but it also has enhanced biodegradation properties to prevent decades of landfill buildup.
Company president, Bynum Poole, stated, “Recycling only goes so far. Consumers are have no choice but to throw away things like single-use counter wipes and diapers because there are not proper recycling facilities, receptacles, or processes to repurpose a used or soiled wipe. With no recycling alternatives, these single-use products are ultimately heading for the landfill, so we’ve engineered EcoSure BioBlast to degrade quickly and help the waste return the organic components back to the earth.”
Good for the Partner, Consumer, & Environment
In controlled laboratory, oxygen-deficient conditions, third-party testing proved that EcoSure BioBlast fibers biodegrade at least 12 times faster over a year, compared to traditional polyester and petroleum-based fibers.
In addition to their ability to accelerate degradation, the fibers are soft, durable and strong, Poole noted. “They have the same physical properties as polyester, so you get the same kind of tenacity.”
Additional one-year statistics from the testing concluded:
  • EcoSure BioBlast nonwoven had 72.5% biodegradation
  • Control polyester nonwoven had 6.0% biodegradation
  • Control polyethylene sample had 5.2% biodegradation
  • Cellulosic (wood and paper) sample had 75.7% biodegradation
Poole anticipates that manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of all types of disposable wipes will be interested in EcoSure BioBlast, which is priced competitively with other fibers and polymers with bio-based claims. Additionally, it is an easier fiber to work with, making it a better fit for partners and allowing for more efficient production of wipes.
“We designed this product with the market in mind,” he said. “In the manufacturing and technology space, we’re really a true development company. We listen to customer needs and find the right product to meet those needs. What it comes down to is that we spend the time and money to create what the market wants.”
Poole continued stating their company has been an innovative leader in environmental textile initiatives for years. “We produce an entire line of nonwoven and textile fibers that is developed from recycled plastic drink bottles. Being sustainable in our strategy and with our products is not something new for Poole Company.”
Rigorous Testing & Development
EcoSure BioBlast fibers have been under development for two years and just completed 365 days of testing with Eden Research Lab, a third-party vendor in New Mexico. The anaerobic exercise simulated landfills and measured off-gases to validate consumption and degradation in an oxygen-deficient environment.
“EcoSure BioBlast fiber incorporates Poole Company’s 100% post-consumer polymer and engineered additives to accelerate microbiological activity,” said Joe McFadyen, technical director at Poole Company.  “The microbes have a nucleation point to start their natural process of breaking down the polymer chains back to simpler compounds.” He continued, “Even polymers made from biological sources like plant sugars have trouble starting this decomposing process without the right conditions.  And, the BioBlast component does not impact the fiber’s processing or shelf life outside of the landfill.”
Poole explained EcoSure BioBlast has a multi-stage development process. The first stage—the nonwoven fiber that accelerates degradation in the landfill—is manufactured and ready for immediate deployment. The second stage will be a completely dispersible fiber that can be flushed and safely processed at municipal water-treatment facilities.
And down the line? Poole said the company is targeting hygiene, home care, personal care, and industrial uses right now, but he could envision many other uses, including apparel and outdoor equipment. For now, EcoSure BioBlast is made for consumers who want to wipe—and throw it away—and feel good about their decision to do so.
For more information about EcoSure BioBlast, visit the Poole Company tabletop at the WOW evening receptions in Atlanta June 17-18 or call 864-271-9935.
About Poole Company
For more than 35 years, Poole Company has specialized in the global manufacturing and distributing oftextile spinning fibers. With a product portfolio including virgin polyester fibers, recycled fibers (EcoSure PCR PET polymer), heavy denier, microdenier, fiberfill, and nonwovens fibers, Poole Company serves major markets and is recognized for their emphasis on sustainability and value.For more information, contact Poole Companyat 864-271-9935 or visit www.poolecompany.com.


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