Poole Company FiberfillThe Poole Company offers new age recycled fiberfill for furniture, bedding, toys, and decorative pillow markets that is manufactured with 100% PCR PET polymer.  The value added recycled fiberfill products made from 100% PCR PET fiber include spiral and solid fiberfill with the widest range of deniers in the market. 

  • 3-45 denier in standard round solid
  • 3-20 denier hollow slick and dry
  • 6-15 denier spiral crimp slick and dry

EcoSure Fiberfill for Outdoor Furniture

With EcoSure sustainable fiber, Poole Company offers a non-hazardous product with high loft, excellent moisture shedding, resilience against mildew, and made from 100% post-consumer recycled material.  With an EcoSure blend, outdoor furniture manufacturers can address some of their biggest concerns – moisture, loft, flammability, performance, and cost. At the same time, these organizations lower their carbon footprint and embrace corporate responsibility.  Using an EcoSure Fiberfill blend for outdoor cushions also means 40% faster drying time.  Download our Fiberfill for Ourtdoor Furniture brochure for more information.

Poole Company Fiberfill EcoSure

EcoSure Fiberfill: Performance from a Bottle

EcoSure Fiberfill

Visit the environmental facts page to see how you can contribute to environmental challenges by purchasing an EcoSure fiberfill or other recycled fiber product manufactured of 100% recycled material.  By using EcoSure Fiberfill, you are helping sustain our environment and providing performance from a bottle.

Did you know that eighty five 16 oz. PET bottles will produce the fill for a sleeping bag?  Contact us today for more information on virgin polyester fiberfill and EcoSure fiberfill products.

Recycled Fiberfill

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