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The Poole Company offers a variety of EcoSure spinning fibers (textile fibers) -- polyester staple fibers that are made from 100% post consmer recycled PET fibers -- used for apparel and industrial fabric industries. 

Spinning Fibers for Yarn Forming Systems

Poole Company textile fibers are designed to run at high speeds and through put rates on the following yarn forming systems:  air jet, vortex, ring end, and open end.

ecosure spinning fibers and textile fibers

spinning fibers for knitting applications

Spinning Fibers for Knitting Applications

  • Hosiery
  • Top & bottom weights
  • T-shirts
  • Golf apparel
  • Workwear

spinning fibers for woven applications

Spinning Fibers for Woven Applications

  • Shirting and blouses
  • Slacks
  • Home fashion
  • Industrial fabrics

spinning fibers to improve garment performanceSpinning Fibers Designed to Improve Fabric or Garment Performance:

  • Dye depth and fastness
  • Softness
  • Fabric strength
  • Pilling performance

spinning fibers for specialty applicaitionsSpinning Fibers Designed for Speciality Applications

  • FDA end uses
  • Moisture management
  • Antimicrobial & antifungal

What are EcoSure Spinning Fibers?

 EcoSure spinning fibers are chemically and functionally similar to those made from non-recycled fibers with one major difference: EcoSure spinning fibers are sustainable and reduce the amount of waste that burdens our landfills and diminishes our earth’s natural resources. The EcoSure product line has been certified as being produced from 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET containers by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS). The use of 100% PCR PET fibers reduces greenhouse gases (CO2) by 71% when compared to manufacturing virgin PET fibers according to NAPCOR in a recent study. EcoSure staple products are available in 1.2 denier to 500 denier. With EcoSure you can be Sure the fiber is made from 100% certified PET bottles.  

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